Myanmar Unicode on Linux Mint Cinnamon

Myanmar Unicode on Linux Mint system

Myanmar Unicode is built into Linux by default ( unless you installed with Myanmar language as default ) but you need to enable it for system to understood Myanmar specific settings.

Step 1
  • Click on LM icon
  • Either type a few word ( lang ) or go to “Preferences–>Languages”.
  • Click on “Install/Remove languages”
  • Click on “Add”
  • At appearing window, look for “my, Myanmar  UTF-8”
  • Click on “Install”

Step 2

But step 1 will NOT actually installed the language pack. It’s just marked for install for either next system update or upgrade. Since we want to use it immediately, we’ll add it now.

  • Select “my, Myanmar UTF-8”
  • Click on “Install Language packs”
  • Click on “continue”

Make sure that both “my, Myanmar” and “my, Myanmar UTF-8” are fully installed. That conclude adding Myanmar Language.

Step 3

Let’s install Myanmar Keyboard Layout

  • Click on LM icon
  • Either type a few word ( key ) or go to “Preferences–>Keyboard”. Click to activate it.
  • Click on “Layouts” tab
  • Click on ” + ” sign for adding a new layout
  • Look for “Burmese”  ( Note: it’s only for Bamar Layout )
  • Click on “Add”

At the right bottom corner applet, you’ll see Keyboard switcher applet with corresponding flags. Click on it and you’ll see keyboard layouts available.

Happy Mint’ting. Go “Myanmar Unicode”